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 Be safe whilst driving and taking that phone call with the SAEM Bluetooth Handsfree car kit.

The Veho SAEM Bluetooth handsfree car kit comes with unique Automated Motion Sensor (AMS) which enables the battery life to be extended by up to 2 years in Standby (sleep mode).

This technology works by detecting human movement in the car so that the SAEM can automatically power on and off which means that the battery life can be extended way beyond other Bluetooth car kits. This extends the battery life to 32 hrs talk time, 66 Days standby time and up to 2 years standby in sleep mode.

The SAEM also enables up to 8 paired devices and 2 devices to be paired and used simultaneously. Added to this the SAEM comes with proximity pairing to automatically pair devices within a 10m radius and automatic volume control that keep calls crystal clear and eliminates wind noise and echo.

The SAEM comes with a mounting clip for conveniently locating on the sun visor. 

- Unique AMS (automated motion sensor) technology with human body sensor for energy saving and extended battery life
- Extended battery life with 32 hours talk time, 66 days standby time, 2 years standby in sleep mode
- Crystal clear call quality by eliminating wind noise and echo with automatic volume control 
- Multi point pairing with up to 8 devices and use 2 devices simultaneously using Bluetooth version 2.1 +EDR
- Proximity auto pairing to automatically pair your mobile phone and car kit

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