Picture Hanging Tool
The Built-in vertical and horizontal levels ensure you are hanging straight, Marking perfectly and e..
Screw Out Damaged Screw Extractor
Remove any stripped screw with this quick and easy to use Screw Out screw extractor made from durabl..
Shoe Stretcher
This handy shoe accessory tool to stretch the general shoe width, as well as at specific spots. Desi..
Universal Wrench 48 in 1 Socket
Multi-function wrench uniquely designed tool that combines 48 tools into one and makes any repair qu..
Wrist Sponge Make Up Cleaner
Wrist sponge make up cleaner, great for switching your make up brush from colour to colour without t..
Zip Fixer
The Amazing Zip Fixer is a 6 Pack of Small, Medium & Large Zips that works on tents, suitcases, clot..
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